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How does a
joint venture work?


From time to time we are approached by an agent or seller about a property or piece of land that is suitable for development, with or without planning permission, and we work with the landowner to develop that land. In essence, the landowner provides the land and we develop it.

Working within a legally binding contract, both parties will benefit from agreed percentages of the profit, once the development has been sold.




How does the process work?

Once we have reached an agreement, the process works as follows:


We will draw up a contract agreeing the percentage of profit each party will receive

Architectural plans

If planning permission is not yet in place, our architects will prepare drawings and plans for submission to the local planning authority

Planning permission

We will submit the necessary documents and liaise with the local authority to secure planning permission


On securing planning consent our team of contractors will manage all construction


Once a development is complete, our local marketing agents will manage this part of the process.

Talk to us

We are here to answer any questions you may have, all you need to do is get in touch on 020 3633 1471 or info@avfdevelopments.co.uk.

We offer fair, local market rates which are more likely to lead to completion. Not only are we professional and experienced property developers, we are also self-funded which enables swift and smooth transactions


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